The Magical Change of Seasons


As the autumn mist moves up over the gullies and rolls along the hill-sides I shiver and hustle to start the fire, at 5am in the morning writing is the last thing on my mind. Winter will soon be upon us. A sobering thought; heavy coats, home-made beanies, knee-high bed socks and a warm pumpkin soup sprinkled with parmesan cheese are the order of the day. I will change my writing place and move in by the fire in our lounge room as my hands freeze solid and my circulation fails me.

 Upon that cold autumn morning captivated is the word I would use to describe the feeling when the sun eventually streamed through the fog, leaving minute images of divine beauty.


Who would have thought, cow hair on the barbed wire fence could be so appealing. My camera in hand I took a walk up the hill, puffing and snorting steam and feeling the bite of a heavy frost still fresh in the air, the change in seasons brings with it a new perspective. The multi-coloured trees and deep green paddocks are a welcome sight. My favourite due drop art is from my least favourite arachnid (prefer them to live outside). A spider’s web is a golden moment on a dewy morn, even as a child I enjoyed discovering freshly made spider webs brought to life with a sparkle of moisture.





The change of seasons is also a good excuse to breathe new life into my world of writing, I see things differently; feel and smell the earth in all its richness, a depth of the senses that only the colder months can bring. It is time to start new lists, prioritize and see where I am heading with my visions. It is time to move forward set new goals and buckle down to write. Along the way I will enjoy the scenery, walks on the beach finding shells, laugh with my children on a star filled night when we light the fire buckets and sit around telling stories; draw pictures in the air with sparklers and dance in the dark with glow sticks.

What are you planning for the change of seasons, many of you are heading into spring, fresh scented flowers, the seaside, light clothing, outdoor barbecues and sunshine please share your thoughts with me.

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About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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38 Responses to The Magical Change of Seasons

  1. First of all, I love Sugar the calf so much. Will she be a character in the story of Manny and Skids? Second, your photos are ethereally beautiful. As you ease into winter, I look forward to seeing the words and pictures that emerge.

    • Thanks Kathleen in my next newsletter I will talk about Sugar she has her very own story to tell and falls in a bucket of fairy floss at the fair. I am lucky to have all these beautiful calves at the dairy to take photos of to inspire her story. thank you for the lovely comments.

  2. Michelle Mark says:

    How beautiful I really enjoyed being taken into your world of changing seasons. I read it to my son, we really enjoyed the capturing photos

  3. Audrey Chin says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos. And the tenderness of the final drawing of the little cow! You must absolutely do illustrated books Kath, you’re eye is so amazing.
    Time to multiply the body of work. Right on!
    Just a matter of interest – did you use a fancy complicated camera to get these lovely pictures or just a point and shoot?
    Oh Yes…. Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. A wonderful marriage of words and images. A true delight.

  5. This was wonderfully written. I too think the changing of the seasons is such a beautiful thing! When I lived in the UK for awhile, my favourite season was autumn just as it transitioned into winter. I really miss it now that I’m back in sunny Singapore! I suppose there’s value in having a year-long summer but I miss the cosiness of winter just the same (:

    Writing by the fire sounds so peaceful – the image you painted reminded me of a Yeats poem that goes: “When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire….” 😀

    • Thats about right I am old and grey Sarah lol and nodd off! by the fire. Thanks for stopping by appreciate it.

      • Oh no! I definitely didn’t mean it that way Kath! I just love the imagery Yeats paints about the coziness of sitting by the fire! I love fireplaces & warming myself up with Hot Chocolate & toasty fires in colder weather (it’s a luxury I don’t get in Spore!) – so your post just reminded me of that enveloping coziness!

        • Its okay Sarah I have a very good sense of humour and I loved that sentence from Yeats thank you….if you can’t laugh about getting old there is not much point to it!

  6. Really love the photos 🙂

  7. Stunning is strange to think you are facing winter while we are preparing for the hot and steamy summer. I really enjoyed this post..thanks for sharing!

  8. Here at almost your antipodal opposite (I’d come out in the ocean, just a bit south of Brisbane) yes, we are turning to spring. The Labrador current is bringing the Greenland Icebergs past our shores, the humpbacks and bucking the current, heading north in search of food and, yes, day by day, brown and yellow is morphing to green.

  9. annepeterson says:


    Loved the images. Both from your camera and your words. They gently took me through what you were seeing and feeling. Really nice.

  10. G. Olivo says:

    Stunning pics Kath. I too love the change of seasons. Of course we’re heading for summer here in the UK. It’s been a very long and cold winter, we deserve a bit of sun now! 🙂
    You keep warm!

  11. Della Law says:

    Loved the photos, we would all be the poorer is we lost our spiders even though many people are phobic about them. We are coming into summer, but the rain clouds are gathering so it looks like being another wet one here in Britain. Still, I’m inside writing, blogging and reading about you, so who cares.

    • Della thanks YES I am phobic about the eight legged creatures but my children ask me to put them outside. My husband would never hurt a spider, he loves them so Im lucky he takes them outside for me. They have their place in this complex world too. Thanks for reading. Look forward to seeing how your garden comes alive in spring.

  12. Melanie you are a generous soul, sharing the love….thanks.

  13. Sheila says:

    Your writing is really beautiful. It brought me right into the moment of shivering by the fire and feeling the mist and fog as the cold crept in. The photos are so magical and that’s great that you were able to find beauty in cow hair on a barbed wire fence!

  14. mewhoami says:

    Your writing is excellent and done in such a way that it took me right into the story with you. Also, your photography is beautiful!

  15. Thank you for stopping by I enjoyed reading some of your posts too, look forward to a connection

  16. Desi Clown says:

    I must admit, before this I’ve always thought cow hair… or ANY hair flying around for that matter is disgusting :p hahaha… gorgeous photos. That spider web looks like a painting by itself! Wish we got to see scenes like these where I live

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