Don’t cue the Rocky music just yet!

moth (copy)

I am ten days in on NaNoWriMo and boy what a flight it has been, the first week was a buzz with ideas and mad, mad hours of writing. I would wake at 5am each morning complete my 2000 words and then go for a walk up the hill with my daughter encouraging me. At the top of the hill surrounded by mountains I would do my really bad rendition of the theme from Rocky and yell…..

“I can do this!”

My Daughter does not know the movie and laughs when she sees me do my Rocky dance at the top of my mountain.

I am 25,000 words in and on target, yet hitting the halfway mark is just the beginning. My hero is knee-deep in murder and mayhem, it does not look good for him now. Yet I know he will find his way to the end.

I am only  starting to feel my sanity fizzle. I will be honest I worried from the very start that I would run out of steam. Each day I have taken Ginkgo for the brain and a multi-vitamin too! My plan was to write 2000 words a day and yet I would come back in the afternoons and add a bit here a bit there and realised I was clocking 2500 words which worked out to be 5000 every two days, it felt good every time I filled the bar just that little more.

Is it getting any easier you may ask? No, I am slow to rise, so heavy-headed, beyond belief, yet when I just sit at the computer it comes. Sometimes in a mad frenzy and sometimes as slow-paced fill-ins where the story needs link ups to scenes.

I tell myself I still have a long way to fly, yet fly I will, it is the first rough draft, yet the characters have shifted and shown their true colours. I hope I will continue at this level of production yet if I slow, I will still have plenty of days to finish. When I finally hear those words FINISHED I will smile and think about how mad it all was and how great my writing buddies have been to keep me going.

moth2 (copy)

Watch me open those wings and fly through the next week, hopefully my muse is not angry with me, for I have punished her and pushed her to the limits.

How are your daily challenges going, share with the cross-eyed writer. Cheer me onwards it means  so much to me.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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38 Responses to Don’t cue the Rocky music just yet!

  1. You can do it! I believe in you!!!!

  2. Good morning you. Two sunny days in a row. Yesterday I just had to get out, took a walk on the beach had a nap! it was bliss and another walk along the cliffs to watch the whales. Wrote only 750 words (trashy words – not deleting them though not yet they count as words).
    This morning up at 4:30 am and – yey – made the half way mark at 8:20 am. 25 000 words. Good ones, bad ones, the story weaves its way all over the world, storms, islands, people, the plot …what plot? I am somewhat cross eyed too. Typing with two fingers I never thought I could do this.
    Kath, my writing buddy, WE ARE HALF WAY.
    We can do this and the bottle of champagne is cooling in the fridge.
    Here’s to you my friend from down-under. My story will pass your way in a few days. Might even pop in for a visit. In fiction, anything is possible.

  3. Lotta Wanner says:

    You are absolutely amazing Kath!!! You just much carry on now!! It’s absolutely necessary we find out how the story continues. You need to discover how your hero will work things out! Up your mountain and then back to your computer! You’re almost there!! Much love!!

  4. I know you’ll do it, but I’ll cheer you on anyway. Those walks you mention fill me with confidence, because they’ll help keep you fresh and keep that mind churning. There’s one reason you’ll make it. It’s easy to tell that you’ve surrounded yourself with the right people, including your family. There’s another reason. Though you have the artistic, soothing eye of a purring house cat, I know that deep inside you possess the determination and skill that only a lion could possess. You’ll succeed because you want to succeed and you aren’t one to give up. Besides, if you don’t make it then that poor hero will meet a premature end. Keep going. You’re learning more about your craft and yourself than you can imagine right now!

  5. annepeterson says:


    See me, I’m on the sidelines cheering you on. You can do it! You asked what challenges we are facing. Mine is a physical one. After the trip to the hospital last week I have had my meds changed. It is a difficult change for it effects my thinking. Please anything but that! But I’m confident that God will help me. Prayers are appreciated. I have a project I need to start on and I’m trying to gather my thoughts. Some are complying. Others are still a little dazed by the meds.

  6. Wow, Kath, you have made such wonderful progress! Keep on keeping on, I know you can do it. Before you know it you’ll be doing the Rocky dance for real. 🙂

  7. You brought back a memory… My daughter and I went to Yosemite and saw a climber stuck on Half Dome. He couldn’t go up or down, just hung there on the vertical rock wall. After about ten minutes, my daughter started yelling, “You can do it!” and got the entire tour bus yelling to this beleaguered climber. Finally, a helo came and rescued him!

    When courage fails, kids are there. I love it.

  8. Kath, your work ethic and perseverance are encouraging me! I’ve been lagging in Nanowrimoland this year, but you’ve inspired me to keep plugging away. Can’t wait to read your finished book!

    • Tricia I watch all the tribes and their word tallies and get nervous as I started a day earlier here in Australia so need to stay ahead of the bunch if I can, the stats came in for my area and some people have finished already. I cheer you on too and love watching your word tally rise keep in touch. Thanks for stopping by when you would be so busy Too!

  9. G. Olivo says:

    25,000 words in 10 days? Wow, now that’s an achievement! Keep up the pace! 😀

    • Thanks I am trying but it is very hard getting up at 5am every morning it makes me appreciate my husbands efforts, he does it every day…thanks for the cheer on I will keep tapping until the end. Say hello to London for me, spent two fantastic years there, a very long time ago.

  10. Sara says:

    Getting up at 5:00 a.m. is a regular thing for me when I have to go to the day job. I just had four days off and find my writing goes great at night, but now that I’m going back to work after a long weekend I’ll have to go to bed earlier. Even with four days off I’m still lagging behind your word count, but I’m pretty much on par. Go for it! At 50,000 words I’ll be doing the Rocky thing right along with you.

  11. Della Law says:

    You are not really writing at all Kath. You are just sitting at your computer while your sub-concious delivers the goods. The perfect way to be creative. Keep up the good work both of you.

    • Della thanks, Im not sure what my sub-concious is doing at these ungodly hours lol and I know its utter tripe until the next edit, but it is an amazing experience and I have learned I can turn off the social media and just write my friend, look forward to catching up with you and Lotta after this is over and learning together.

  12. Sheila says:

    You’re already halfway there – you can do it! It sounds like you deserve to play the Rocky music. That’s such a fun way to do it and the walk up the mountain must be inspiring too. Just don’t fly off that mountain. 🙂

  13. Hey Sheila I think I am over the hard bumps now but still a little way off, so I won’t get too cocky just yet, thanks for stopping by.

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  15. I loved that line which I found tucked somewhere in between the post.
    “…….yet when I just sit at the computer it comes. Sometimes in a mad frenzy and sometimes as slow-paced fill-ins where the story needs link ups to scenes.”

    What would you ascribe this shift to? Does this arise from the crystal clear clarity about the writing objective that you hold? Or could it be arising from the sheer passion you feel as you allow your creativity to run wild? As you gain an understanding of this aspect of yourself, how could that support you?


    • Hey Shakti thanks for stopping by, I think doing this mad challenge which gives you a deadline, gave me wings. That and returning to the story day after day, I did not find it hard at all, I found the opposite thing happened, I found out I am ready to start writing a novel and actually finished the first draft today…I have 6.000 or so more words to go in the writing challenge and I know I can now go back through and create descriptive scenes etc and hope to finish early. Best experience I have ever had I don’t know why but the path and story was clear from day one, each time I thought I had nothing…. I just showed up at the computer and the words came.

  16. I’m going from “you can do it” to “you ARE doing it!” Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? I love hearing how your characters are developing and the plan is unfolding right before your eyes, just as though those butterflies were shedding their cocoons for the very first time in the warmth of the sun.

    • Shelley the challenge was much more fun knowing people like you… are DOING IT! too, best experience I have had with writing in my life, getting that first shitty draft written and having a start, middle and an ending is awesome. Virtual Party when we finish. So proud of all my writing buddies.

  17. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings

  18. Desi Clown says:

    2000 words a day?! My God! My complete exam paper doesn’t have 2000 words in it! Hahaha… I wasn’t here when you originally wrote this, but if I was, I would’ve said I’m damn sure you can achieve this target 🙂 Now that Rocky theme is playing in my mind!.. It’s catchy, isn’t it

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