Monumental Moments

DSCN6178 (copy) I want to say thank you to some SPECIAL people.

These moments I am writing about today are monumental in any child’s life. A gesture from two super children’s Author’s. It may even encourage my children to keep reading and reach higher for their own dreams.

I usually research Authors that capture my son and daughter’s imaginations. I’m curious how each one started out. The best thing in the world to me would be to inspire children to read.

Have you ever heard of Tom Gates? If you have a ten-year old boy in the house, you may have. My son loves reading about this crazy kid. He reads well, but he does not enjoy the process as much as my daughter. Yet both kids think Tom Gates is awesome and funny  (this I discovered) is the key to getting my son to read and a lot of boys his age. Both the Authors I want to thank today have a unique sense of the ridiculous in their stories.Which my kids and even I, have enjoyed reading together. Tom’s stories are set around school and home, but he gets up to some pretty hilarious stuff. When I read to my children I do accents. It’s a bit of fun and I get to see what kids laugh at most when I read along out loud. Yes my kids both can read, so why do I read to them? Because they ask me to do it. Maybe not as much, these days as in the past.

The surprise for my son was with Tom Gates the Author is Liz Pichon an amazing writer and illustrator. (Not a man says my boy in surprise.)

He really thought it was a guy writing these funny stories.

It goes to prove it does not matter, if you can reach children on their level and think like a kid of today, they will follow. When Liz Pichon visited Australia last year, my sister met her. My sister asked her to sign a couple of books, in fact around eight copies of her latest. She wanted to give them to her nieces and nephews as birthday gifts. Liz kindly agreed to sign them all. Talk about a cool Aunty, my two were so excited to get their copy. Tom Gates will always be a favourite in our house.

DSCN6181 (copy) We say thank you to Liz YOU ARE AWESOME. We will buy every book you publish, because you understand children and what they like to read. We look forward to the next one in the series, my son has them all.

The second Author I want to mention, many of you will have heard of. He tells tall tales, through two cheeky lads that write their own comic book strip.

Captain Underpants is the hero of the day.

Dave Pilkey is the Author DSCN6183 (copy)

Dave has no idea the joy he brought to my son’s room. My super sister strikes again. (she does not wear underpants on the outside of her clothes though) When she met Dave she told him all about her nephew who was reading his books and how he liked to draw doodles. (my son)

My sister never expected what came next. Dave not only signed a copy of his latest book he went one step further and sketched out the Captain, just for Reed. He also encouraged Reed to keep drawing.

So Reed looks at this framed master piece and smiles he says “That is so cool that he did that for me.” And we all agree.

DSCN6182 (copy) Thank you Dave you are a legend in our world.

Also thank you to their super cool Aunty. My darling sister you are a gem. Thank you for thinking of your nieces and nephews when you meet these amazingly inspiring people.   DSCN6177 (copy)     I hope you all keep on drawing or writing or doing what you love. Has an Author inspired you or your children? Tell me about it in the comments.

About Minuscule Moments

Everybody has a DREAM. Today is the first day of the rest of my writing life. Its a lonely world out there when you are learning the craft. This year, as the same as last year, I want to finish my first children's picture book. I have learn't many wonderful lessons on this journey. You are never too old to learn.
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76 Responses to Monumental Moments

  1. Any author that can hook a child into their stories is cool. Those that go beyond that are super cool. I’m glad your children have found two authors that spark their imagination and humor. My 7th graders love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books for the reasons your son loves Captain Underpants. I loved reading to our girls and, now, to our grandkids – silly voices and all. 😉

    Perhaps, both of your children will like Gary Paulsen’s “Hatchet.” It’s about a 15-year-old (Brian) who is flying out on a small plane to meet his Dad – just him and the pilot – and the pilot has a heart attack and dies in mid-air. Brian has to figure out how to land the plane and how to survive on an isolated island (?) until help arrives. I love the adventure and wondering what I would do in a situation like that.

  2. Desi Clown says:

    Signed books, and also a special sketch! HOW COOL IS THAT! 😀 Just goes to show that the authors really DO care about reaching out to children. I’m gonna do a little more RnD on Captain Underpants now :p

  3. Jim McKeever says:

    Kath, I started reading your post and Captain Underpants came to mind … and there he was! That was a big hit with my boys when they were young (and a great excuse for them to run around the house in their underwear). It’s so refreshing to find parents who read to their kids and share in the joy it brings. Great stuff, thank you!

  4. How great that they took the time to inspire your children – something like that will be priceless in stimulating them to read and to create in the future. And go Aunty! 🙂

    • Andrea it is weird now I catch my son reading instead of being on his computer gadgets all the time. I read him a letter that Dave Pilkey wrote about how when he was being bullied for being a reader/writer kind of kid, instead of a sporty kinda of kid, he would lose himself in a world of books and then write and sketch his own stories. My son related to that because he sketches little stories out and gets singled out because he is different and does not follow the crowd. But to see him reading more is such a bonus. My daughter and I soak books up like air. Go Aunty! She is a treasure.

  5. Aquileana says:

    Beautiful dear Kath! Your kids might have been so excited about this…
    I remember that when I was in Primary School and author (I would never forget his name, Emilio Breda) signed a copy of his book which I had purchased that same day he visited us… It was about space and aliens, plus astronauts… He made some drawings as well…
    You brought back to me a bunch of cherished memories. Thanks for that and for being such a beautiful mom (on behalf of your kids… 😛 )… All the best to you! Aquileana ⭐

  6. Sara says:

    This post reminded me of my younger days of reading. I loved Harriet the Spy and Ramona the Pest. Characters in books were always so cool and I wanted to be like them. I’ve never had kids, but I tried to be the cool auntie to my nephews by giving them great books for their ages throughout the years. I was never lucky enough to score like your sister did, though. She’s the best auntie in the universe! Thanks for yet another wonderful post.

    • Sara thanks, Aunties can have a huge influence on their nieces and nephews for sure. Where would we be ourselves if we did not have the book memories. The ones that inspired and opened our minds when we were young?

  7. The autographs are awesome, K. My son also doesn’t dig reading like his female peers. (What IS it with boys?) I will keep your recs in mind! So have you noticed improvement in your son’s reading with these books? The interest and motivation sure help.

    • Diana my son has always been pretty good at reading but he is a bit lazy and hates the thought of reading a novel because it has no pictures for some reason. Lately he will sit in his room and just read and I get so excited when I see this. I think boys have way too many other things they prefer doing, don’t you? Humour is the key in our house.

  8. Yolanda M. says:

    Your post makes me want to rush out and by those books Kath! My youngest is fifteen (they grow too fast) and he hates reading ( my eldest never liked reading either) despite my reading to them and amassing a collection of great books 😦

    • Yolanda the way I see it I think they move away from reading for a time. I have seen my young nephews who use to read heaps move away from it in their teens. Im hoping they discover it again as they age.

  9. My son LOVED Captain Underpants when he was younger!! 🙂

  10. Letizia says:

    I’ve never heard of Liz Pichon so I will definitely be looking into her books. I love reading children’s books and offering them to my godson. Thanks for the great recommendation!

  11. Dalo 2013 says:

    This is such a great post ~ it shows appreciation where it is deserved, and mostly it brings home one of the most important things, which is expanding the mind of children (which I think is become more difficult in a sense in today’s world).

    The book invites imagination and creativity into the life of children, and also happiness. In my simple world, I think a happy child will be a happy adult. Your attention to this, researching and understanding the authors is great to see ~ your children are very lucky 🙂

  12. When mine were little they loved Captain Underpants too! How cool! ♥

  13. Library didn’t have Tom G but T LOVES Capt Undie. I mean LOVES. Will do the hard WORK of reading. *grin*

  14. roweeee says:

    Hi Kath,
    Our daughter is quite an avid reader. You know the type you either sneaks their light on after bed time or hides a torch in her bed. I can’t really blame her as my Mum did that and Geoff and his sisters. So what chance did she have?
    We seem to be struggling on the motivational front with the boy at the moment. Another term starts next week and with that, it’s back to routine. It’s particularly going to be a shocker for me.
    The Tom Gates series looks like it’s worth a shot. I have bought so many books for him and he reads the odd one. I think he prefers non-fiction.
    Aunty did well getting the books signed. I’ve had quite a few books signed at the Sydney Writer’s Festival. My son and I did a writer’s overnighter at the Powerhouse Museum when he was about 5 with Morris Gleitzman. It was awesome!!
    Take care xx Rowena

    • My daughter consumes books like air Rowena and my son now almost 11 is now reading a lot more, its time to push him onto small novels I think. Tom Gates just has that certain funny that kids love.

      • roweeee says:

        We bought the first Tom Gates book yesterday after your recommendation. Went into the bookshop with my mother who is very much my co-conspirator trying to get him to read. Couldn’t remember the name and so the girl looked up your blog for me: bingo! Thanks so much!!
        My daughter reads a lot..even by torch light in bed after lights out.

        • If your son does not like reading I use to sit with Reed and read it to him, we would laugh together and even now sometimes he asks me to read to him. My sister has just informed me about a new book coming soon to scholastics and she said it would be perfect for someone like Reed who can read but does not have the strong passion like his sister. So when I get it I will let you know if its any good Rowena. I hope you both enjoy the fun of Tom.

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